Dutch Online Retail Market: Where is the competition???

The Dutch online retail market is in its infancy. Very few strong players are active and sales are low compared to other European markets. The Dutch are relatively open to new initiatives, Holland is one of the wealthiest places in Europe and the 16M + inhabitants represent a critical mass for retailers. After conquering markets [...]

Dutch retailer Ahold makes strategic move (mistake) into online non-food retailing, just before amazon moves in? (!)

Ahold and Bol.com

Ahold, one of the largest Dutch retailers and former global retail giant, makes a strategic move by acquiring Bol.com. Bol.com is the biggest online non-food retail brand in Belgium and the Netherlands, realizing double-digit growth year on year and expanding in more and more categories. Started as an online bookstore, just like Amazon, it has [...]

Primark: fast fashion which delivers what customers want and expect

slide primark

Primark, the UK multi-billion pound chain of clothing stores, is a great example of a retail-outlet creating Hysteria deep inside the hearts and minds of its customers.¬†The predominantly ¬†female public craves the 5 pound t-shirts, 6 pound skirts, 10 pound shoes and other ridiculously low priced articles. Smash ‘n’ Grab is a term which is [...]


Apple Slider

1st of March, Apple opens new store in Amsterdam. Massive RetailHysteria as in some other countries was not expected and the down-to-earth Dutchmen have not been fighting to get in, although it has been busy and the store has some great features. Among which, the largest Genius bar in the world. See below article on [...]